Continuum of Care —

As an all-encompassing home health care agency, MyCrestCare provides continuity through the entire continuum of care as a patient transitions from an initial care need through the final stages of hospice care.

We are a single source for a patient and their families’ home health care needs.

We offer a continuum of care for our fellow Texans from the beginning of the home health care cycle through palliative and hospice care – whatever level of care the patient needs.

We are personally connected to our patients’ care journey and unlike larger home health agencies, MyCrestCare is a locally owned and operated agency.

Every patient is different and deserves a carefully constructed plan of care after an illness or major surgery. At MyCrestCare, we keep the patient at the center of every decision we make.

As the patient’s needs change, the plan of care is adjusted and modified to meet those new needs.

MyCrestCare takes the burden of dealing with a new set of providers when the level of care changes for a patient.

Crest Continuum of Care

Utilizing one agency for the entire care continuum provides peace of mind and ease in transitioning for the patient and family.

The Crest Difference

Our patients are carefully monitored throughout their care process and changes are documented and communicated to the team members. Our proactive approach allows us to anticipate upcoming care needs and plan for them before they happen.

A home health care patient may need to be transferred to palliative care – or palliative care may turn into a hospice level of care. Whatever the patient health changes may be, MyCrestCare seamlessly moves patients to the level of care they need without having to change providers.

A Single Source for Home Health Care

There are many nuances in home health care and different levels of service require different providers for each service. As a single source for home health care, MyCrestCare takes the burden of dealing with a new set of providers when the level of care changes for a patient. The MyCrestCare case worker stays with the patient during the change helping navigate the nuances that may arise. Home health care is stressful enough for all those involved as it is, and MyCrestCare helps alleviate that stress for our patients and their families.

MyCrestCare helps eliminate the uncertainty by working with all those involved in a patient’s care to determine the best alternatives.