MyCrestCare Team —

Each MyCrestCare team is carefully selected from our local group of medical professionals with the patient’s preferences and personality at the center of every decision.

The team providing care at MyCrestCare is personalized based on each patient’s case. We do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

We keep the patient in the center of every decision and build a team of local professionals who best meet the medical needs, personality traits and specific preferences of our patients and families. If changes to the team need to be made, MyCrestCare immediately reassigns a team member who will better suit the desires of the patient and family.


Hospice Physicians, in collaboration with a patient’s Primary Care Physician (the physician most closely associated with patient care) and the MyCrestCare team, create a plan that manages pain and uncomfortable symptoms associated with a patient’s illness.


Skilled and compassionate, our nurse will be a patient’s professional care manager. This nurse will provide direction in addressing a patient’s clinical needs helping to manage pain and control nagging symptoms. The nurse will also help to coordinate care with the other MyCrestCare team members to help support the family and caregivers to provide the best physical, emotional and spiritual care possible.

Nurse Practitioners

Advanced Practice Nurses assist our physicians and team and serve as a bridge of clinical excellence to the patient. When called upon, they give the clinical team greater flexibility and can perform face to face visits for the Hospice Physicians

Hospice Aides

Hospice Aides or Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) are specifically trained to help with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, range of motion activities, ambulation, transfers, feeding, and other personal care, including massage and aromatherapy. They also provide companionship and light housework, such as a load of laundry or changing linens.

Social Workers

Our social workers are specially trained to assist a patient and their family in dealing with the emotions that come with end-of-life care. They are compassionate professionals who can assist in combating anxiety and fear associated with the unknown. Our social workers can find and coordinate community resources that help make a patient’s care easier on all involved. Our social workers can assist with end-of-life planning, including advanced directives, durable powers of attorney and deciphering confusing insurance benefits.

Spiritual Counselors

Most often called Chaplains, our Spiritual Counselors are adept in active listening and can help guide a patient and their family through weighty matters. Chaplains are available to share silent moments or provide understanding to relieve the stress sometimes found in relationships at the end of life.

Bereavement Professionals

The MyCrestCare bereavement professionals help a patient and their family through the various stages of grief and the end-of-life process. Our team will continue to provide support for family members for up to 13 months.

Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapists

These specialized care givers are available through contracted agencies when the need arises for improving functional aspects of a patient’s care.


MyCrestCare dieticians are specialized team members who assist with creating delicious menus that are high in nutrition and meet the goals of a patient’s care plan.


MyCrestCare trained, local volunteers give of themselves and their time to help a patient and their family create quality moments. They can assist with caregiving tasks and may help with household chores, errands, companionship and other special projects.

Unique Medical Care

The MyCrestCare team is comprised of regional consists of physicians, advanced nurse practitioners, nurses and pharmacists who control pain and manage symptoms, supply needed medication, monitor drug interactions and provide medical equipment and supplies needed to keep the patient comfortable. The clinical team will discuss medical decisions with the patient and the family to determine their preferences of care.

Personal Care

MyCrestCare hospice aides are specifically trained to help with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, feeding, dressing, ambulation, transfers, dental care and other elements of personal hygiene. Touch is an important factor in hospice care, and our aides provide light comfort touch and massage for patients. The hospice aides are trained by Licensed Medical Massage Therapists and learn basic knowledge of massage, which allows our staff to bring comfort through aromatic oils and massage. We provide a personal touch to every patient for whom we have the honor of caring.

Emotional and Social Support

MyCrestCare social workers are valued resources in assisting the patient and family with the emotional issues of a life-limiting illness. The Social Workers can help with important but stressful paperwork, such as insurance or financial planning. They can also discuss decisions regarding medical care, choosing a healthcare power of attorney, or creating a living will. As well, these Texas-based Social Workers can assist in finding Hill Country community and volunteer support, or admission to a different living environment, or in seeking military resources/ benefits. The MyCrestCare team keeps the wishes of the patient and family in the center of every decision, always.

Spiritual and Bereavement Care

MyCrestCare provides local community Chaplains and Counselors who can address spiritual and emotional issues of any faith preference and are always available. Bereavement counseling is provided to surviving members of the patient’s family in the months following the patient’s death to provide comfort and guidance as needed.

MyCrestCare helps eliminate the uncertainty by working with all those involved in a patient’s care to determine the best alternatives.